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Interior and exterior lighting, if the house is properly lit everything looks nicer.


The planning of lighting and the installation of different lamps has been, for decades, one of our specialties.

The modernization and changing of old lighting systems to energy saving light bulbs is, nowadays, an important task due to the high costs of electricity. For the installation we only use bulbs from well-known manufacturers.

Exterior and garden lighting


There are no limits to designing your garden with lights.

Lighting, as well as being decorative, also serves as security; the approach towards the entrance of your home, stairs and potholes should be well lit up. We combine lights with motion sensors, so that everything is not constantly lit, and at the same time, unwanted guests who could enter your garden are deterred.

Light is a perfect method to highlight certain objects such as a tree, a lake or a pergola; by using different spotlights and projectors fabulous emphasises can be set with the lighting.
Also, highlights can be made by placing lamps, luminaries and strings of lights in or near trees, railings or stairs.

Interior lighting


Depending on the purpose of the room, you can either create a comfortable working environment, or a serene one.

Adequate lighting in a room creates the scene and makes a cozy atmosphere.

The light can be planned, and this should not be left to chance; as the shadows, the degree of lighting and type of lamp has a great influence on the effect which the lighting gives to the room.