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With or without image, an electronic entryphone will protect you and your family!



Intercom systems are the most widespread. The transmission of images and in color was not affordable until recently. The built-in cameras today produce very good images. But this is only one reason why owners equip their homes or apartments with a video intercom.

The video-intercom has the advantage of being able to see a picture of the visitor on the screen inside intercom.

A video intercom has many advantages, for example you can see visitors before having to answer them, thus having the possibility to ignore or reject unwanted visitors, such as salesmen or agents. With a normal door entry, this is not possible, as first you would have to ask who is really at the door.

Increase the safety of your children and install an intercom with video, since children tend to open the door directly when the doorbell rings. If you teach your kids first to look at the image on the screen of the video intercom, then you can be sure that unwanted guests remain outside.

You can also install a video intercom in buildings or multifamily dwellings. Through the BUS system the signal of the video intercom can be sent through certain intercom telephones within the property, so that no one is disturbed and that the correct family is always the one called. This is also very useful if your house has several entrances. Today the installation is no longer a problem.

In most cases it is relatively easy to install, as often only the outer plate has to be connected to the inside entryphone.

With an IP intercom connection it is necessary to configure the router.

There are several ways to connect an intercom; there are currently 4-wire systems, 3-wires with or without additional coaxial cable, and 2 wires.

The 2-wire system is the latest technology; however, old systems can always be improved.

If you have several interconnected video-intercoms and telephones, then you will need a circuit diagram of the connections of the different intercoms.


In general, we have these diagrams in our files or we can order them from the manufacturer for you if they do not come with instructions.

In the event that any line conductor is defective and impassable, it is also possible to install a wireless system. There are a small number of wireless-video-intercoms.