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To avoid you being cold, we have the adequate heating for each place.

Our concept is radiant heat.

Heating for the living room


The marble heaters are not only beautiful, but they are also one of the most enjoyable ways to heat your room.

It is more efficient than any other heating system. It is an entire heating system for your home, and a in a simple and inexpensive way it is always possible to complete your installation by adding more plates without carrying out any renovations.

The thermostat is adjustable, and you will have a constant heat distribution from head to toe. Thermal radiation can be compared with a ceramic stove.

Forget about your supplementary radiator, with this system you do not need to have one.  


Bathroom heating


In a new construction or with a house renovation it is possible to install underfloor heating, at least that is what we recommend.

But what if the floor is already finished? There are several other types of heating; one of them is the towel warmer. We distribute and install these heaters in different sizes, colors and shapes.

No matter whether it is by an intensity control or by a temperature thermostat, being able to control the temperature brings a bit of luxury to your bathroom.

Heating for the terrace


You can prolong the summer with an infrared heater.


Mounted on the wall of your terrace or patio, this ensures a comfortable warmth for the summer nights.