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When we came to Marbella in 1999 it was not known how our adventure of emigration would end. The start began in the business of a well known interior designer, and we soon learnt that we could offer more than just a prompt, reliable and formal image to our customers. Also the materials which we used and the contacts with German manufacturers attracted many customers.


In 2005 we carried out the most important project to date, the renovation of the High Care Clinic, where we reinstalled the entire electrical installation; interior and exterior lighting, marble heating, telephone systems, automatic doors or gates, pumps, operating and x-ray theaters. Practically everything that had a cable passed through our hands. It was a large and wonderful project.

Thanks that we were able to carry it out.


After its completion we carried out work in large hotels and of course in private properties. With our team we were able to strengthen our position in Marbella. Here comes the time to thank my staff who have always been there without letting me down.


Naturally, other components also belong to our success; We have always had good relations with our suppliers for our technical knowledge and our desire to be reliable. Most of them are with us since the beginning; the trust was and remains a very important factor.


With our collaboration working with various German firms, "Handwerkskreis Marbella" (Association of workers in Marbella), we have been able to keep our work to the area between Malaga and Estepona.


Thank you very much to all the customers who placed their trust in us.


It would be a lie to say that we have never made ​​mistakes, we also are only human; but in the case where something was not so perfect or there have been difficulties, I have always taken the responsibility for it.